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Mr Alexander

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A traditional Variety Show of magic, juggling, unicycling, balance and illusion.
Mr Alexander has been perfecting his open-air one man show for over forty years. He can be seen at many of Britain?s greatest events as well as at many fine English country houses and sites.
A unique and captivating blend of magic, juggling, unicycling, balance and illusion, the show is reminiscent of the Variety Shows of years ago. Closely choreographed and timed to ragtime and modern jazz, the show appeals to young and old alike. From the spectacular and gravity-defying three chair balance to his fascinating linking ring routine (which has been praised as the finest in Britain), the show guarantees to amuse, entertain and delight all who watch. He will present three or four different set shows during a day, and also improvise between shows. This year?s improvisation becomes next year?s new routine!
Set against the colourful and unique Victorian Theatre set, based on Pollock's twopenny coloured toy theatre, the open-air show has a feel of travelling shows of the nineteen twenties and thirties and the stage gives even the largest audiences a great view. The show is fully self-contained with its own generator. The whole set folds almost magically away into the trailer, which is painted to look like the outside of the theatre!

Cabaret Show

For indoor or smaller occasions, Mr Alexander presents his cabaret show. Including most of the routines seen in the Travelling Show, he will also include, if the occasion and the environment suits, a superb fire routine.
The cabaret show can be adapted for a family occasion with mixed ages or a wholly adult audience.

Mix and Mingle

For events where space or budget is tight, Mr Alexander will move through the audience or around the tables presenting close up performances involving magic and juggling. His visual character is the same in all shows: a vintage and extraordinary showman, maintaining the tradition of the Great British Eccentric?.

Fees from £1035

Appears in: Mix-n-Mingle, Children Entertainment, Corporate - Participation, Arena Shows


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