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Retro Rabbits!

Retro Rabbits! - Photo #1 Retro Rabbits! - Photo #2 
Introducing the Divine Retro Rabbits! Deeply adorable walkabout for literally any event. These classic characters serve a multitude of roles, from mischievous meet and greet, Easter egg distribution, serving drinks and snacks to whipping up a dance floor fever with your guests. A hilarious, warm and highly interactive experience!
Also, stunning pointe performance from a truly Divine Bunny.
Alternatively, our high maintenance pet bunnies sit on diamante cushions with feeder bottles of Moet, hand feeding bowls of beautifully wrapped chocolates to guests. Just gorgeous!

Fees from £310

Appears in: Adult Entertainment, Mix-n-Mingle, Corporate - Participation


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Tags: stilt walkers, pointe, ballet, rabbits, animals