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Chris Cross - The Royal Magician

Chris Cross - The Royal Magician - Photo #1 Chris Cross - The Royal Magician - Photo #2 Chris Cross - The Royal Magician - Photo #3 Chris Cross - The Royal Magician - Photo #4 Chris Cross - The Royal Magician - Photo #5 Chris Cross - The Royal Magician - Photo #6 
Who is Chris Cross?

Chris Cross has been performing his own unique brand of Close-up Magic for over a decade -
Since he was a kid in school he always wanted to be a Magician and he stuck it out!
As a result he has travelled the World performing his tricks to thousands of people…
Chris has worked nightclubs, bars, casinos, strip-clubs & beyond!
However due to Popular demand and a Vast wealth of experience,
Corporate Events & Weddings are his own Specialty area of Entertainment…


Need someone to create a buzz around your trade-show stand?
Got a product you want to promote in a unique way?
Want to Spice-up a Boring Award Ceremony?
OR Do you just need guests to be entertained at the company Christmas party?
Chris is a Multi-Award winning sleight of hand artist within the Northern Magic Circle,
Equipped with a Smart Suit, Pack of Cards & Utter Charm he will Entertain with Style…
Chris has been booked to Entertain at Multiple Corporate Events Worldwide -
From London to Paris, Bahrain to Dubai, New York to New Zealand & Beyond…
Performing by appointment to the British Royal Family & Many Celebrities too!
Chris's Close-up Magic will work a treat and become a well talked about highlight!
He will mix and mingle with your guests or approach their tables and leave them speechless…
Chris combines Quick wit and Visually Amazing tricks with Cards, Coins, Mobile Phones, Bottled Water and other Everyday objects,
He plays with people, having fun with them and making mini-miracles occur in the palms of their hands right under their noses!
This is like what you see on TV but in real life -For added impact, use customized cards with your logo printed on them and suchlike too!

Close-up Magic provides Great Entertainment for all guests of all ages – breaking down any language or physical barriers too…
It not only serves as a Highly Entertaining addition to any event, but it's also a tool for any social occasion to break the ice between guests,
Leaving them with a common interaction point with one another and therefore a conversation starter to put about among themselves afterwards…
Entertainment that's Guaranteed to stir-up a Sensation at YOUR event
Ensuring that your guests will smile, have a good time AND talk about it for many years to come!
Perfect for: Product Launches, Promotions, AGM's, Launches, Dinners, Awards Ceremonies,
Trade Shows, Conventions, Casinos, VIP Events, Celebrity & Royal Bookings, Etc…

Previous Clients Include: The Prince of Bahrain, Exxon Mobil, Diesel Dubai, 3Mobile, Formula One, Virgin, Harvey Nichols, Draper, John Lewis, Lexus & MANY MORE!


Chris Cross is The UK's Favorite Wedding Magician…
Chris has been performing at Weddings for over 10yrs -
He is one of the TOP Magicians in the UK and has performed for Celebrities, VIP's & EVEN Royalty!
Close-up Magic is GREAT Entertainment:
It's Funny, Baffling and Highly Entertaining…
People have been Fascinated and Captivated by Magic for Thousands of Years,
ESPECIALLY Tricks that Take Place Right under their Noses and in the Palms of their Hands!
Close-up Magic is PERFECT for entertaining your guests during the day when the photographs are taking place,
During/after dinner, At the evening celebrations OR spread over the day –
You can always have an hour in the afternoon and a few hours in the evening!
Chris has Performed at Alnwick Castle, Slaley Hall, Beamish Park, Matfen Hall and all the other places too –
The magic tricks are ALWAYS a Big Hit and Prove to be one of the Most Memorable Parts of the Day…
Arriving on time, Police Checked, Well Established for over 10yrs, Fully Insured, Etc!
Don't take the risk of booking less than the best for YOUR Big Day!

Fees from £400

Appears in: Adult Entertainment, Magicians, Mix-n-Mingle, Corporate - Participation


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