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The Woman in White

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Human statues are a great way of adding something a bit special to an event. They bring a "wow factor" that will make your event stand out in your guest's memory and also provide a brilliant photo opportunity at events, open days, parties, balls, weddings, festivals, product launches and fairs etc.

The Woman in White is great for events with an old fashioned Victorian or Edwardian theme, Gothic events or anything where you want to add a bit of extra glamour. This statue is graceful, elegant and sophisticated, in a beautiful gown with a train, carrying a parasol and fan. She sits or stands and interacts with guests freezing one moment and moving the next. She is quirky and unique and provides a fantastic photo opportunity for members of the public while adding something a little bit special to an event. If a person wants to get their picture taken with her they can pose holding her fan or parasol giving them not only a great image but a memorable moment!

Fees from £250

Appears in: Stilt Walkers - Statues, Adult Entertainment, Christmas Entertainment, Mix-n-Mingle, Children Entertainment, Corporate - Participation


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