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Wing Walkers

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(duration 12 minutes)

This display offers an adrenaline-packed routine of aerobatics and flypasts flown by just one of our Boeing Stearman aircraft. A wingwalker performs daredevil acrobatic manouevres in her specially designed rig on the top wing. She can rotate sideways and upside down to give a dazzling performance which can be easily seen by the crowd. Just to add to the ‘wow’ factor, she will also leave the rig during flight and perform the arabesque manouevre or sit on the leading edge of the wing whilst waving.

This display works really well at smaller venues and contains lots of aerobatics. It may be just one aircraft, but it really adds a great presence at any event. Our environmentally friendly smoke system adds to the spectacle by creating some fantastic contrails in the sky above.

(duration 17 minutes)

This is by far the most famous and popular team display routine. Using two of our Boeing Stearman biplanes, we perform an aerial duet of action packed formation flying. It is fantastic crowd pleaser at every event. The two aircraft perform formation aerobatic manoeuvres including loops, rolls and the famous AeroSuperBatics trade mark 'Mirror Formation'. This is where the wingwalkers try to hold hands with one aeroplane flying upside down above the other. The duo then move on to perform some breathtakingly close opposition passes which look great from the crowd and create some fantastic photographic opportunities.

This display option works really well at most events large or small. Add the noise of the two Pratt & Witney 450hp radial engines and the environmentally friendly smoke system, and you’ve got a winning formula for entertainment at any event.

(duration 17 minutes)

For the ultimate in drama, noise and action there's Aerosuperbatics' four-ship display. This unique display is not only a spectacular sight for spectators, but is extremely challenging for the pilots and wingwalkers. This display really fills the sky and works best with plenty of space. The sound of four powerful radial aero engines is unforgettable and the flying skill of the pilots breathtaking. Aerosuperbatics' four-ship display is truly the stadium rock concert of flying displays with more smoke, more noise and more action.

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