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Praying Mantas

Praying Mantas - Photo #1 Praying Mantas - Photo #2 
These insectoid mutes, with glowing eyes and fluorescent bodies, love nothing more than a good beat and a boogie as they interact with audiences and your guests. The first creation from Artemis, they remain as popular as ever at corportae functions, festivals and carnivals.

Ideal For: Festivals, Carnivals, In-door and out- door Events, Green themed events, Corporate and Children's events.

Length of performance: 3 X 30 min sets or 2 X 45 min sets. More sets can be arranged for an additional fee.

Please note that price is per performer.

Fees from £300

Appears in: Stilt Walkers - Statues, Mix-n-Mingle, Corporate - Participation


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Tags: Stilt Walkers, Walkabout