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Charlie the Clown

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Charlie offers a choice of characters, including Squiggle the Story-Teller, Egbert the Explorer, Captain Bluster the Pirate (who brings his ship HMS Thunder-Blast), Mr Wizz the Wizard, Santa Claus and Charlie the Clown.

Charlie has over 15 years experience as an all-round performer, walkabout artist and children’s entertainer.

Charlie is London-based, fully insured and CRB checked and a member of Equity and Clowns International.

Charlie the Clown
Charlie is extremely versatile and offers a variety of shows and skills suitable for children of all ages.

Entertainment includes traditional story-telling, singing & dancing (with guitar accompaniment,) music-making, puppets, clown & magic shows, balloon modelling and mime.

Charlie is also available as a walkabout act for shopping centres and special events.

Captain Bluster the Pirate
Captain Bluster brings along his ship, flags, fairy lights and fun - he is perfect for Pirate Parties!

Entertainment includes a Magical Adventure to Treasure Island, Singing & Dancing with guitar, a Treasure Hunt, Balloon Modelling and a Magic Show.

Squiggle the Story-Teller
Squiggle the Story-Teller uses drama, puppets, props and giant picture books to tell stories to children of all ages.

He knows lots of fairy tales from around the world and popular children\'s classics.

Squiggle also plays songs on his guitar around the theme of the story, and hands out musical instruments for the children to play.

Egbert the Explorer
Egbert the Explorer is great for themed events and parties.

From Dinosaurs to Rain Forest Animals, Under the Sea to Outer Egbert provides an ideal way of entertaining and informing a young audience.

Mr Wizz the Wizard
Mr Wizz arrives on a customized broomstick and takes the children off to his castle in the forest.

He knows lots of magic and performs horrible tricks with shiny swords, bugs and cold water – he says he knows Harry Potter.

Mr Wiz also brings his guitar (his favourite song is Five Little Speckled Frogs,) Fairy Lights, plus Broomsticks and Magic Wands (all made out of balloons) for children to take away.

Santa Claus
Using a large sack full of surprising ingredients, Santa explains how Xmas presents are made in the North Pole and brought to London, what time he gets up on Christmas day and full details of his special Christmas delivery service!

He knows lots of Christmas songs and accompanies them on his guitar.

Children travel to Santa's Balloon Modelling Factory to watch him make amazing balloon gifts (reindeer, fairy wings, magic wands and balloon puppies) for them to take home!

Fees from £450

Appears in: Magicians, Mix-n-Mingle, Christmas Entertainment, Children Entertainment, Corporate - Participation


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