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Rockwood Dog Display Team

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The Rockwood Dog Display Team was first formed in 1985 and is based in Caerphilly - South Wales. They travel extensively all over Great Britain including the Channel Islands and Ireland. Along with performing at some of the countries leading outdoor events the team have had four Royal performances within the last two years. There are fifteen personnel in the team; all are volunteers who give up a great deal of time to travel around Great Britain at over 40 shows throughout the summer with their dogs. The dogs are all family pets and live within the home. Many of the dogs working with the team have been rescued from bad homes and come in all shapes and sizes. The handlers all attend Martins Dog Training Centre in Caerphilly and have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience. The main aim of the team is to educate the public in the responsibilities of owning a dog and to provide a varied and entertaining program to suit members of the public from all walks of life.

The dog's care and well-being are always the priority with the trainers and all the team members handling their dogs with compassion and above all patience. Some of the dogs within the team perform spectacular stunts like tight rope walking, fire retrieving, hoop jumping and a unique backwards recall, which needs to be seen to be believed. During the highly professional display the audience are treated to an informative and amusing commentary.

The 2 X 25 or 1 X 40 min Display takes the audience through every aspect of dog training from obedience performed to music, dogs jumping through 10inch hoops, agility, fly ball and active Man Work where a dog is seen to apprehend an armed criminal. Also relevant in today's world, a child is saved by her dog whilst being absconded. A great visual effect is created when all the dogs in the team demonstrate their skill and courage by negotiating the 80 ft X 8ft ramp with four fire squares. The show culminates in an exiting agility relay race, with two teams racing against the clock and the audience cheering on their chosen team.

Since 1990 Rockwood have been training and supplying animals for the film and commercial industry. Their dogs have worked with top actors, James Coburn, Peter O' Toole, Edward Woodward, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Kenneth Branagh and many others. Their list of clients include; BBC, HTV, S4C, Thames TV, Granada Films, Carlton, PolyGram Films, World Wide TV and Japanese TV.

Martins and his dogs have made countless appearances on National TV including, "That's Life", "The Wogan Show", "TFI Friday" "The Generation Game", "The Pets Rescue Road Show", "Rolf's amazing animals", BBC Children's TV, "ITV This Morning" and "Dogs With Jobs" for The National Geographic Channel on Sky TV.

Dog training and responsible dog ownership not only benefits dog owners but none dog owners as well. By bringing together education and family entertainment we demonstrate the benefits of a trained dog and the enjoyment it can bring.
The Team has been responsible for raising many thousands of pounds for various charities. We have worked for the RSPSA, The National Canine Defense League and in 1990 we performed at a show in Windsor Castle and helped raise £20,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. With a lot of help from dog owners and schools in our local area, in April 1994 we took eight tones of medical aid to a Rijeka Children's Hospital, Croatia in our display team coach. Every year the team performs at the annual re-union for Battersea Dogs Home at Battersea park in London.

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