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Light Emitting Dancers

Light Emitting Dancers - Photo #1 Light Emitting Dancers - Photo #2 
Radiant collection of colour and light. Light Emitting Dancers glow and sparkle with 100s of blinking points of bright light, crystals, mirrors and ornate head dresses.

• Dramatic and unforgettable
• Unique broad metalic ribbons
•Stage show or dance-about
• 19 luxurious dresses available: 3 x White, 3 x Black,3 x Gold, 3 x Silver and 7 x colours
• Fitted with ultra bright sparkling LED’s
• Coated with crystals, gems and mirrors

Fees from £310

Appears in: Mix-n-Mingle, Adult Entertainment, Corporate - Participation


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Tags: Dancer, ribbon, lights emitting costumes, colourful, black, white, silver, gold, classical, flags, choreographed