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The Clockwork Ballerinas

The Clockwork Ballerinas - Photo #1 The Clockwork Ballerinas - Photo #2 The Clockwork Ballerinas - Photo #3 
An enchanting walkabout act, The Ballerinas, complete with with jewel encrusted golden keys can be fitted with lights and speakers to play magical jewelry box melodies from their tutus.
The Mechanical Ballet is a 10 minute staged piece set to a classical soundtrack.
• Wandering performance
• Fully choreographed stage show
• 7 Ballerinas available
• Can be fitted with miniature sound system to transmit jewelery box music (optional)
• Tutus can be fitted with ultra bright sparkling LEDs (optional).

Fees from £310

Appears in: Adult Entertainment, Mix-n-Mingle, Christmas Entertainment, Corporate - Participation


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