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Partners Bill Clarke and Rodger Forster have been involved with outdoor events for over thirty five years starting off in the business with Inflatables both for hire and attending shows and outdoor events. Following on from this way back in 1982 we purchased a number of props and games from the crew after the very last BBC Television series of "It's a Knockout" that was staged at what was then called 'Park Hall' at Arena North and now known as Camelot Theme Park and were the very first people to tour the UK with an "It's a Knockout" show which was so popular we had two units on the road before selling it and creating the popular kids show 'The Crazy Bears Show' that we toured with for nineteen years until 2007.

With so many contacts in the business plus finding various acts for events up and down the country, we decided to open our own agency in 2004 which today still grows in strength.

Having been on both sides of the fence - so to speak - as an act and an agent, we feel that can offer clients a wealth of knowledge and advice by providing suitable acts and attractions for their, event to make the success it deserves to be.